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Choosing a Pilates Studio - [local_broad]

With a burgeoning demand for Pilates instruction, it seems more and more studios and organizations around the country have started offering their own Pilates certification programs. The quality of these programs varies greatly, ranging from online certification courses simply requiring payment of a fee, to the origina New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program and the prestigious Romana’s Pilates Certification Program in New York City, and the Art & Science of Controlology Teacher Program at SUNY, Purchase, NY. An influx of inadequately trained instructors, who are not familiar with the nuances and modifications of the Pilates technique, has resulted in many enthusiastic new participants becoming frustrated due to less than promised results, or even injured — because they are unaware that they are not receiving competent instruction.

At Joe’s Place – True Pilates, we recognize that making the appropriate selection when choosing a studio is the key to your success with your Pilates training. The following are some questions that will serve as guidelines to help you find a properly trained and qualified Pilates teacher, and the best Pilates studio for you!

“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

Joseph H. Pilates

We look forward to responding to these and any other questions you may have when you call or visit us.

Choosing a Pilates Studio - [local_broad]

  • Are the instructors trained through a comprehensive, nationally recognized training program that required written and practical tests, lecture, observation, practice and apprentice hours at all levels – from beginner through advanced?
  • Did the instructors complete a minimum of 700 hours in the training program?
  • Do the instructors have any other movement-related teaching experience?
  • How long have the instructors been teaching Pilates?
  • How long were they practicing Pilates before becoming teachers?
  • What is the instructor’s/studio’s philosophy?
  • Are they able to handle special needs, injuries and rehabilitation?
  • Do the instructors participate in regular, continuing Pilates education programs?
  • Are the instructors qualified to teach the full repertoire of Pilates exercises on all pieces of apparatus?
  • Do the instructors belong to a national professional organization committed to preserving the quality of Pilates instruction?

Choosing a Pilates Studio - [local_broad]Choosing a Pilates Studio - [local_broad]