What a gift!

Thank you so very much for the generous donation of your time and expertise in working with my son. I must say, in my many years of seeing doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals for both simple and complicated concerns, you gave the clearest, most thorough, detailed explanations to help us understand what to do and how to feel better.  What a gift! – Judy S.

Pilates has improved my strength and coordination.

I’ve had multiple sclerosis for 26 years and have seen numerous physical therapists at highly regarded rehab facilities but none had the awareness & understanding that Joy has when it comes to the neuromuscular complications and the precise exercises necessary to improve and maintain my physical fitness. She’s taught me how to properly focus and control my exercises for building specific muscle strength and coordination which has benefited me physically overall. I highly recommend Joy because she’s extremely competent, and she’ll evaluate and coach you like you are her only student. – Tom P.

A wonderful experience!

I found Joe’s Place while on the Cape, after just starting to learn Pilates. I was thrilled to find a place that worked so well for someone at my level. My favorite teacher was Joy, the owner. I love her classes! She has great technique and a wonderful sense of humor which made every class go quickly while always learning more and how to do it better! A wonderful experience! – Peggy W.

The energy here is exuberant!

I have studied and practiced classical Pilates in the US and Australia for many years and visited Joe’s Place during my first Cape Cod vacation. Joy’s studio is one of the best there is anywhere. She and her teachers are outstanding. The energy in this studio is exuberant, and the teaching stays true to Joe’s method while being attentive to the abilities and limitations of each student. Truly top-notch! I will be back! – Patricia K.

A fun and safe place to learn.

Joy is an extraordinary person with an uncommonly broad and deep range of knowledge in the fields of exercise physiology, psychology, anatomy and Pilates. She is a seasoned, insightful instructor, acutely and persistently aware of the state of her client’s body during the execution of any exercise. She has superlative communication skills for teaching new exercises and concepts, and for adjusting the client’s performance while monitoring their safety. Moreover, she is a fascinating, intelligent person who is fun to be with and learn from. She connects on a personal level, understanding the needs of the individual client. Watch her exercise and you’ll know you’re in the presence of a first class athlete. Her studio is beautiful, immaculate, and superbly equipped, with top-notch instruction and training. – Michael P.

Best part – my golf game has improved!

“Pilates – what’s that? Please stop bothering me about going to the gym to try it. You know my old, arthritic body can’t bend and stretch and move like that,” I told my wife. I could not have been more wrong!! The encouragement and confidence you instill in your clients with your complete understanding of Pilates, and ability to apply it to the individual’s needs and limitations has made me an enthusiastic participant in your Pilates program. I am always amazed at the completion of a workout session that I have the sensation of lightness through my joints and I am able to move more freely, and my range of motion has increased greatly. I must confess however, the best part of it all is that my golf game has improved. I can’t thank you enough. – Marty H.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Joe’s Place is a wonderful place to learn and practice Pilates! The instructors are incredibly well-trained and have superior knowledge of the method and of anatomy. The studio is immaculate and beautiful. The equipment is absolutely the best to be found and in perfect repair. I love this studio and feel so blessed to be receiving my training here. Very few studios can compare! Thanks Joy for giving me this opportunity. – Sandy O.

I am thrilled beyond belief!

Joy George is a gifted and inspirational teacher. She has enabled me to improve the quality of my life at age 79 in ways I never thought possible. After earlier multiple surgeries and recent quadruple bypass, I am thrilled beyond belief by the variety of things I am now doing and the extent of strength and mobility I have been able to develop. Almost best of all is the fact that it is an interesting process – fun, varied and challenging in an affirming way. – Mindy S.

A wonderful studio!

I am a newcomer to Joe’s Place – and to Pilates as well – and I think that Joy has organized a wonderful studio. I’m impressed with her teaching credentials as well as her approach to teaching. The entire staff at Joe’s Place has been wonderful to work with, and they pay very close attention to every detail of the Pilates experience – and make it fun! – Eileen E.

Joe’s Place is a gift to myself!

Joe’s Place teachers are the most professional, highly trained and creative crew you’ll find anywhere. They put their heart and soul into what they do! I’ve highly improved my strength, posture, body awareness, and sleep! Training at Joe’s Place is a gift to myself. It is a fun and supportive atmosphere where I leave feeling more alive each time! – Nancy K.

My body and my life have been changed!

I have been taking Pilates at Joe’s Place for nearly 8 years now. Joy is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable instructors I have ever met. I consider myself very lucky to have found her! The instruction and customer service cannot be matched! Joy and her staff are dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable. The studio is fun and always full of energy. My body and my life have been changed because of my training and the people at Joe’s Place! – Jackie W.

I’ll be forever grateful.

I want you to know what a significant change your instruction has had on my capabilities, and thank you for the amazing effect you’ve had on my life. Thanks to your direction, instead of using a wheelchair or walking short distances like 100 feet with a crutch because of the problems I’ve had due to multiple sclerosis, I’m now walking without a cane around my block everyday which is about 1/8 of a mile or so. If I hadn’t seen so many other experienced physical therapists that had little, if any, beneficial results, I may not have realized just how knowledgeable and gifted you are. All those physical therapists I’ve had, and you’re the only one who knew immediately what I needed to do. Joe Pilates would be proud of you, as am I. And yes, I’ll remember to stand tall, lengthen, lift and be confident – and keep moving forward. – Tom P.

You are never too old for Pilates!

I was an extremely un-athletic, exercise-challenged sixty-seven year-old woman when I inquired about Pilates. Joy started working with me twice a week and the changes were noticeable immediately. I stand taller. I have more energy and just feel better all over. My joints are looser and I have gained much more range of motion. I am now over seventy years old and have found the whole Pilates experience to be extremely rewarding. I would recommend Pilates for men and women of all ages. It is never too late to start! Thank you! – Carol H.