Getting Started

We offer an initial consultation & trial session for just $35. This scheduled appointment allows you to meet us, see the studio, discuss your goals and scheduling options, try the apparatus and exercises, and get a feel for the “chemistry” here at Joe’s Place. We highly recommend this no-obligation visit and welcome the opportunity to meet you, answer any questions you may have, and offer you information about the Pilates method and how it can benefit your health and wellness.

Once you make the decision to become a client, we recommend that you begin with a series of private sessions. This initial group of sessions is important in setting the basic foundation for your Pilates work. Clients will learn each exercise with proper form and alignment, as well as any modifications that might be appropriate. Through careful one-on-one teaching, clients learn the order of the exercises, the principles of Pilates, equipment set-up, and the system of exercises that is right for their body and their personal fitness goals.

“We should recognize the mental functions of the mind and the physical limitations of the body so that complete coordination between them may be achieved.”

Joseph H. Pilates

We recommend a minimum of five private sessions before moving on to semi-private training or small group sessions. It is also highly recommended that you establish a consistent, regular training program in order to establish your foundation and achieve a better mind-body connection.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 508-432-4336, or e-mail us at for more information and to schedule your initial consultation appointment!