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9 Apr 2015

Workout ideas for women who hate exercise

WomensFitness_Apr9_AWhen you first started a workout program, whether to get in shape or to drop a few pounds, your motivation and excitement were high. After a few weeks of a vigorous routine, however, the enthusiasm began to wear off. Running on the treadmill suddenly became another chore to tick off your to-do list, and the dumbbells felt too heavy to lift. You started skipping your workouts, began sleeping in, and increasingly found alternate ways to spend your time. Staying true to your workout routine is difficult enough, but even more so if you’re not having a good time with it. If this sounds all too familiar, maybe it’s time to try something new.

The longer you try to avoid working out, the harder it will be to get back into the habit. Instead of putting it off, try diversifying your workouts to jump start your motivation again. Here are a few workout ideas to keep things fresh.


The first thing that springs to mind is probably two muscle-bound men battling it out in the ring, with thousands of spectators in the stands. You may think it’s a brutal sport made only for men. Time to get the facts straight! Ladies can also find boxing lessons that don’t involve punching another person. Instead, you get to take it all out on the punch bag. Boxing can still sound intimidating for first-timers, but you’ll get a rare chance to release the frustration and stresses of your daily life – without hurting anybody. What’s more, regular boxing workouts improve your body strength, since boxing requires your upper and lower body to engage when you make contact with the punch bag.

Team sports

Do you find exercising in the gym dull? It’s time to try team sports! Aside from staying physically fit, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with new people. If you want to play team sports with your close friends, then all the better – you can strengthen your bond with them. Typical team sports include basketball, soccer, and softball. You can make things more interesting by rounding up your friends and hitting courts and fields in public spaces to challenge other teams.


Perhaps you don’t feel ready to engage in a high-intensity gym workout or a team sport. In that case you could look into yoga, since it’s an exercise that focuses on both physical and mental strength. There’s more to yoga than stretching and arranging your body into complex poses, though. It has several health benefits, which include better flexibility, improved blood flow, and more peaceful sleep. Yoga is an ideal exercise to relieve tension and stress after a long, exhausting day. Plus you don’t need much equipment for yoga – just a yoga mat will often suffice.


The simplest form of exercise that we all do on a daily basis – walking. If you find walking boring, then mix things up to make it more enjoyable. You could schedule a walking workout to new areas and take in the unfamiliar surroundings and scenery. If you have one, bring your dog along with you and give both of you a great workout. And how about loading up your smartphone with your favorite tunes, or even an audio book to make things more fun?

Exercise is only boring and repetitive if you make it so. Get in touch with us today to plan the exercise routine that works best for you.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.